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Easter Garden Fun

Today me and my duaghter Jean opened the easter egg pressant I had picked up for her in the reduced section of the super market. It was two chocolate eggs, and some marshmellows in a Peter Rabbit plant pot along with some carrot seeds and a little marker.

I got her to fill up the plant pot with potting compost and she sprinkeled a fraction of the seeds – the pot isn’t really big enough for one carrot but she liked doing the planting and talking about how the seeds would grow into carrots to eat.

She then watered the seeds in with her water can – which came with more chocolate eggs and marshmellows in and came from my perants – it leaks as its apparently just a toy oil can but Jean had a fun time non the less.

I’m going to put it on the window sill with the tadpols.

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago at 6:49 pm.

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Custard Apples

My friend bought us a custard apple which was a strange and new fruit to us.

We were so intreged by it that we’ve extracted the seeds and have potted them up in the hope that we will get some custard apple trees. These will be restricted to the green house I think and if they germinate I hope they can be dwarfed by pot binding them – I suppose only time will tell!

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago at 6:51 pm.

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Earth Hour Event

I have just found out via Twitter of all things that tonight in about 1/2 hour it is the WWF’s Earth Hour – the idea being that we all turn our lights and laptops etc… off.

I know it’s a bit late to be posting about it but I thought it sounded interesting so went and had a look and am just about to sign up!

Conservation is only going to become a bigger issue.

Hopefully I will keep track of future events better!

Posted 12 years, 8 months ago at 7:55 pm.

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Twitter Enable Your Plants

A friend of mine twittered this product it looks like a leaf made of circuit board that you stick into the soil of your plant pot. It is actaully a sensor and twitters when it needs to be watered!

Twitter is a social networking microblogging thing which if you can become addicted too – this means this would actually really help keep your plants watered 🙂 or to stop you over watering.

It’s a make it yourself kit which also looks fun. This post translats as I want one or maybe half a dozen of these! They came from one of my favourite companies – Think Geek 🙂

Now you have to be able to solder to make this kit up so if anyone wants to bribe me with curry to assemble them I just might 🙂

What I would like to see though is ones that I could connect to a nabaztag mainly so the plant in the office doesn’t die! or maybe just an email alert/txt message alert system. I am wondering now how hard that would be to do?

Also sensors that detect other things might be a cool idea 🙂

Posted 12 years, 8 months ago at 4:43 pm.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Posted 12 years, 8 months ago at 3:52 pm.

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