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Salad for Daddy

Jean preparing salad for Alaric

My eldest Jeany and her friends decimated my salad plants in an effort to make my husband Alaric a salad! They harvested the radishes which was a good thing as they were starting to ‘run’ (go to seed) and were getting a bit woody. But though Jean knew what were bean plants and what were radishes the boys didn’t so there were a few fatalities!

They cut up all of the chives, lettuce and quiet a bit of mint! The sorrel looks worse than were the deer got to it (in the old house) and the margoram has some obvious gaps in it! But they all had a fantastic time, they washed and chopped the radishes and stuff too! Alari was very pleased to be presented with a salad and the baby was happily eating the salad from the garden pots!

Also Jeany’s friends are excited about us getting an allotement as they want to come and help on it! Not sure they will still feel that way after an afternoon on one!

Posted in Children's Garden and Food and Culinary Plants 10 years, 11 months ago at 9:52 am.

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