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Dog Stake

Dog Stake

This lovely dog belongs to on of my husbands Cub pack helpers – I assume it is a whipet but am not really up on dog breds.

They came along to the end of year backwoods cooking in our garden and bought with them and amazing stake thing that screwed into the ground which they could then tie the do too!

I think this worked really well but only becuase it was a light framed dog who was very well behaved.

Posted 12 years, 6 months ago at 11:47 am.


Missing Frog No 2

The other frog appears to have disappeared from Jean’s frogarium which is a shame the mark two tadpols are still swimming around in their happily and the pond snail is still munching the algea. My sinarious are a) they’ve climbed up the side and hopped away hopefully without encountering cats b) Hydrogen who had a tendency to watch them has eaten them as a kitty snack by fishing them out of the pot in which case I should have put a lid on the put (I hadn’t done this so that insects would get in as a froggy supper) or c) they have mysteriously died and been consumed by the mark 2 tadpols leaving no trace.

I’m going for option a) and as far as my 3 yr olds concerned it is a cat free a)!

The Froggarium worked much better than I was expecting though which is great and we will definatly be doing this again next year.

Basically it has taught Jean about animals and plants all being connected ie it needs the pond weed, the plant, the snail, water lavea and the tadpols to actually work without all of this the tadpoles simply die :/

I am waiting to see if the mark 2 tadpols actually turn into anything now – they do seem very very behind.

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago at 1:26 pm.

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Frog on the Run?

The frogs have been getting more and more climby and I can only see one in the Frogarium today :/ I have looked even removing the sitting stones and the plant but there is just no sign of it so I’m hoping it has climbed out and hoped away to saftey and is not residing inside one of the cats tummys!

Or behind the oven decomposing etc…

Posted 12 years, 7 months ago at 1:38 pm.

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