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Getting the Veggies Out

Mary moving pots about in the garden

It’s been hard to get the veggies going this year but yesterday thanks to turning our dinning area into a make shift green house, we had our first home grown salad of the year.

Mary putting soil into pots

Mary has been helping me pot out seedlings most of which actually survived the lovings of a two year old!

Mary lining the plants up along the wall

Mary helping with the gardening

I have courette and pumpkin plants planted out in grow bags – I am in dispare over getting an allotment at the moment, there just simply is not enough space to grow what we want. For a start I didn’t want to really be growing stuff in the ‘grassy’ area, for a start it is supposed to be a nice garden area and secondly we can not make it look nice whilst I am growing things on it.

The make shift green house

At the moment we radishes almost ready for first pickings and various salad leafs, there are peas and beans and root crops in various containers. The apple tree and blueberry bushes have all survived the winter though the new redcurrents and black current bushes did not survive a late frost much to my upset.

Squash plants

Jeany is being very good about watering the pots and has her own little butterfly corner developing, also I shouldn’t moan as the salad was very tasty and Mary eat the bowl of it I was going to put in the fridge for today’s lunch!

And also we have been enjoying the sunshine and having summer cocktails and everything 🙂 Still no BBQ this year yet though 🙁

Summer cocktails

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